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Japanese Gender Predicton Method

Baby gender predictor Japanese method is another way to predict whether it will be a boy or a girl using the charts. It is quite essential for the Japanese that the first baby is a boy, because the social status of a man in the society strongly depends on this fact. That is why the tradition of giving birth to a boy and raising him has preserved till the present days.

So the Japanese have always wondered whether they could predict the birth of a baby boy, and as a result developed their own method of gender prediction based on correlation of mother’s and father’s months of birth with the month of conception. The following method is considered to be universal, because it is not only suitable for planning the baby’s gender but is necessary also in those cases when the pregnancy term is too small and future parents are eager to know the gender.


Find Out Your Baby’s Gender





According to the Japanese method of baby gender prediction and using the chart you will have to define the general number for both parents based on your birth months. Then this number is transferred to another chart, where you will be able to see the intended month for conception depending on the preferred baby’s gender.


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