Baby Gender Predictor

Baby Gender Predictor

So you are expecting, aren’t you? It’s a precious feeling to know there is a small life growing inside you that is loved by the whole family. Everybody starts wondering who you are going to give birth to – a boy or a girl, and tries to predict it looking at your face, shape and even the products you consume. There are lots of predictions people may make, but are they really true? Sometimes ultrasound may not guarantee 100% accurate results because of the fetal position and unclear view of future mom’s genital area. But still, it is too long to wait for the ultrasound and you are still willing to know whether you are carrying a son or daughter. Well, it’s time to find it all out.

Why Do Parents Want to Predict Gender?

When you find out that you are going to have a child soon, waiting several more months till the doctor declares the sex of your future baby seems way too long. This is the main reason why most parents-to-be resort to various methods that have proved its efficiency in predicting the gender. The options you can choose from are numerous and include quite interesting methods and tests. Most work in 99% of cases, others – in 80%...

Nevertheless, guessing and knowing your baby’s gender beforehand is really fun, and even if in some cases the test results turned out not to correspond to the doctor’s statement, there is no need to get disappointed.


Boy or Girl?

We know that future parents really want to know their baby’s gender as soon as they got pregnant, and sometimes they are willing to plan it beforehand. Some parents want to have a boy, others want to give birth to a girl, but most of them don’t want to depend on luck and decide to turn to baby gender predictors.

At our website you will have a perfect opportunity to try all the popular methods of gender prediction to see who a little member of your family will be — a boy or a girl. And the service is absolutely free!

There are lots of different methods of baby gender prediction presented at this website among which the most popular are the following:





Chinese gender predictor. While using it you should enter your age and month of conception and get the result.

Japanese baby gender predictor. It basically corresponds to the Chinese method, where you can see your future baby’s gender using the test and charts.

Gender prediction old wives tales. Tests aren’t your thing, are they? It’s OK, because you can always turn to old wives’ tales, that are mostly entertaining, and the odds are 50/50 by the way.

Blood renewal gender prediction. This method is not very popular, but many couples stated it was accurate for them.

Gender prediction by parents blood types. It is one of the most interesting ways to plan the child’s gender. Go ahead and try to predict your future baby’s gender using one of our methods


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