Baby Gender Predictor

Baby Gender Prediction by Parents’ Blood Types

If you have faced the question of who is going to be born, it is quite easy to find it out using the method of gender prediction by parents’ blood types.


As the basis of this method we can name the combination of future mother’s and father’s blood groups. The effectiveness of this method equals 50%, so you can easily try to find out who you are going to conceive – a girl or a boy – long before you decide to actually get pregnant and have children.


For example, according to this method a couple with A or B blood group is likely to have a girl; however, spouses with AB or O types will conceive a boy.

Rh factor plays a very important role in the whole process. If it is negative or positive in both parents, it means you will probably give birth to a girl. When parents have different Rh factors, there are several options which you can define from our chart.


Find Out Your Baby’s Gender



Baby gender prediction by parents’ blood types is one of the most popular and interesting ways to find out the gender of your future baby, but unfortunately it isn’t the most reliable. That’s why you shouldn't rely solely on this theory and try other methods available at our website.


Gender prediction by blood type


Gender prediction by Rh factor


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Mine B+ and my husband O+

Mera or mere husband ka blood group o +h

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