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Baby Gender Prediction by Father’s Age

There are so many baby gender prediction techniques today that one may want to try them all to learn baby’s gender. But if you are looking for the most accurate way, baby gender prediction by father’s age is found to be not only the most precise but also the most unique method. According to our experience and happy parents' reviews its accuracy has reached 97%. Among other advantages of using this calendar is the fact that it is totally free. And if you are still not quite sure whether this method really works, you can have fun with your friends who already have children and find out their children’s gender according to the father’s age and conception month.

How to Use Father’s Age Baby Gender Prediction Calculator

  1. You will have to enter the age of father. Note: if you are going to predict your baby’s gender using our calculator today and your husband’s age is 30 today and 31 tomorrow, be sure to enter the current age.
  2. Enter the month of conception.
  3. Press the button and see the gender of your future baby.


Find Out Your Baby’s Gender



If you are not pregnant at the moment, but want to find out your future baby’s gender beforehand, you should set the father’s age at the moment of expected conception and enter all the months one after another writing down the results and making a graph. This is the best way to see perfect months of conceiving your so much desired son or daughter.


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What is the basic of father's age in this method?

Is it true in the case of twins?

My husband birth date 1990 10th March I convinced on July 2019

My husband age is 30 .. And my last period was 28 oct 2018

I think it's a Girl

My date of birth is 14th march 1992 can u plz tell me baby gender. My last period was 7th November.

For my two girls was correct now it's a boy hope so

Is it accurate for twins??????????

wow this is method is so accurate...i calculated for both my children and all family members i know of and it was all true and now i am pregnant again and it says im having a boy....will see

U will get a boy I think it's accurate

Did you have the boy?

It was accurate

My husband's age is 45

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