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Blood Renewal for Gender Prediction

Baby’s gender prediction using the method of blood renewal is based on the fact that at certain periods of the human’s life our blood is altered — it can either become old or young.


The theory of blood renewal for gender prediction takes into account the parents’ age at the time of conception. Human’s blood is being renewed all life long, however, in men it happens every 4 years, and women’s blood is renewed a bit faster — every 3 years. The gender of a future baby is usually determined by the calculations of the youngest blood at the time of conception.

However, most people state that this method is not very accurate and will not work well for those who have recently had urgent blood transfusion, or if one of the parents donates blood on a regular basis. In such cases gender prediction by blood renewal will not provide accurate results. Besides, this theory is subjected to criticism because according to some researchers the term and method used to predict baby’s gender is considered to be non-scientific and doesn’t refer to parents born the same year, month or day.


Nevertheless, if this method doesn’t work for you, there are other theories you can try.


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