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We know that most future parents both expecting and those only planning want some kind of assurance about their babies' gender. If they are already expecting, that is supposed to satisfy their curiosity which is quite natural. If, however, they are only planning the gender, they want to have more certainty about whether they are doing everything right. This is what almost all parents want to know now, and that is what many parents wanted to know decades, hundreds and even thousands of years ago. That's why there are so many various tests and techniques both contemporary, like those related with parents' blood types, and ancient ones, like the Chinese calendar found in a thousand-year-old royal tomb, that should help parents to predict the gender of the baby planned or expected.



Ancient Tests and Techniques

From time to time (if interested in) we can hear about various advanced (even at our age) and incredibly precise tools and techniques invented hundreds of years ago. Generally, all these tools and techniques embrace(d) all the spheres of human life. And such an important matter as child birth was no exception. Moreover, let's face the truth: that was more a boy birth issue rather than just a child one that used to be and still is crucial in many cultures. Surely, ancient parents needed not just a ''slight'' hint but a firm guarantee of getting a boy. That was the reason to create the test that could make accurate predictions. Certainly, they succeeded in the task undertaken and now we all have an opportunity to use two most widespread ancient oriental tests: Chinese Gender test and the Japanese one that our website is glad to share with you.


We've Done a Good Job Too

Surely, all contemporary baby gender tests are based on science solely; at least, we – contemporary people – know how to explain most processes using lots of confusing terms. So, in gender prediction matter we've done not a worse job than our ancestry. We use such tests, like e.g. Blood Renewal that, however, is pretty similar to the Japanese Method except for two features: we need more precise dates of birth of parents, while they need only months and we don't need a month of conception like one of the parameters while they do. Another contemporary baby gender test is based on Father's Age which accuracy has been confirmed by 97% of happy parents. Surely, that's a kind of mystery why the age of a father so much important especially taking into account the role of a woman in the entire matter.


Surely, You Should Try Them All

Indeed, if there is a plethora of methods helping to predict the baby's gender and we provide them all at our website, why not try to use them all? But what if the results differ? Let's say, 50/50? That can happen. And that would be not a kind of a test failure but a number of factors that make that rare exception happening to so many other things. For you, if we are talking about a happy mother, that can be one more opportunity to listen to that small life inside you. However, if you are a gender-obsessed future daddy, a bit controversial result may be an opportunity to think whether the gender is all that important. After all, never ever doubt the following: it is going to be the baby that will turn your life upside down (in a good sense, of course).


Bottom Line

Whatever baby gender test you may use and whatever results you may get, both the outcome and your expectations will be those precious moments that constitute one of the most important periods in your life. Surely, we're glad to be a small part of it.


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